Spirit Halloween offers variety, friendly service

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Looking for a scary or fun Halloween costume? Spirit Halloween is the place to go.

Hundreds of costumes can be found. Spiderman, a pirate, an angry bird, Freddy Kreuger, an angel – you name it.

Spirit Halloween has three locations, one in Westgate Mall, one on Southwest 45th Avenue and one on Soncy next to Kohl’s.

One major and fascinating part about the stores is the costumes. Spirit Halloween has a huge variety.

Take, for instance, a police officer costume. What type of police do you want to be? At Spirit Halloween, you can find costumes to be a real cop, a sexy cop or even an officer from Reno: 911.

Spirit Halloween truly offers the best variety.

The costumes are believable, and the accessories are the cherries on top. Spirit Halloween has jewelry to go with a gypsy costume, a hook hand or a parrot to accessorize a pirate costume and wings to go with a fairy costume.

Costumes are not the only products Spirit Halloween has to offer. The store on Soncy has numerous outside and inside decorations.

For example, they have a zombie baby gnawing on its own foot. The cannibal zombie baby would go perfect on a patio or a bench to welcome guests, and a Scream phone that can be answered would add character to a Halloween party. These decorations are amazing because they are so demented, and that’s part of what Halloween is about.

Spirit Halloween is all about the spirit of Halloween. Whoever came up with the name for the store is brilliant and is spot on. The name is perfect.

Setting foot into the store on Soncy is like entering a whole new little Halloween world. Halloween is everywhere in the building: vampire fangs, masks, makeup, costumes and decorations that are fun to look at.

The service is helpful. The workers are nice and accommodating for customers who search for something specific. They can point a customer in the right direction. The workers are there to help people, and they follow through with their job.

But be prepared, because a customer may walk into the store with their mind set on being Katy Perry and come out as Little Red Riding Hood. Seeing all sorts of costumes and being able to try them on gives customers a chance to compare them.

The only negative: Beware of the awkward changing room at the store on Soncy. There is no hook or stool to set belongings on. And the only thing that keeps customers away from a customer in a changing room is a black sheet.

But a positive thing about the Spirit Halloween store on Soncy is the spaciousness. The store is huge, so even when it is busy, it isn’t crowded.

Overall, the Spirit Halloween stores set the mood for Halloween. It has a variety of costumes and accessories, fascinating decorations and helpful service.

The changing rooms need more work done, but they still are usable. If anyone is looking for anything to do with Halloween, visit Spirit Halloween.


Originally published: Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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