Disney is no match for del Toro’s Pinocchio

By Jordan Nuner 

Entertainment Critic

Guillermo del Toro’s “Pinocchio” is the new rendition of “Pinocchio,” released Dec. 9, 2022. In addition to del Toro’s film, Disney released its own live-action adaptation and an animated movie titled, “Pinocchio: A True Story” was also released in 2022, which is by far the worst of the three. 

Maybe it was a coincidence that these three movies were released in the same year but del Toro’s version was 15 years in the making when it was released on Netflix. It had so much heart and soul put into it and overshadows the other two films by a large margin. Even Disney cannot compete, as their version was just a cash grab rehash of their 1940 film, one that they couldn’t even replicate the feelings from.

Del Toro’s rendition of “Pinocchio” was completely handcrafted stop motion. The animation has everything great about stop motion. The world and characters feel so real, and the time and effort that was put into this movie show -. It is so good in fact that even I could find no fault with this movie. I even went as far as watching the 30-minute documentary to know how the movie was made to better understand what went into making this movie so great.

The story follows Geppetto before he made Pinocchio and explains why and how Pinocchio was made. The cricket narrates the story of “Pinocchio” and the making of him as he was living inside the tree that would become the little wooden boy. 

This adaptation of “Pinocchio” was well written and though it doesn’t change much of what is already known, it does add its own flair to the story and makes it feel like something new. I highly recommend watching it. 

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