Inflation in Badger Nation

Rising costs causes students stress


Student Reporter

As inflation rates continue to rise there is one particular group of people who really feel the struggle. Amarillo College students are faced with tough decisions when it comes to everyday life. 

With costs of goods and services on a constant rise, it is difficult for students to set aside finances for leisure. “I am having to save a whole lot more, which doesn’t allow me to have fun time for myself,” Sharese Byrd, a criminal justice major, said. With costs of goods and services on a constant rise, it is difficult to set aside finances for leisure activities.

It has especially been difficult for students who are supporting themselves. Some have had to look for additional sources of income. “I live on my own, so all of my checks go to my rent and bills,” Byrd said. “I do have to work two jobs just to keep up with my bills and groceries and I am worried about this because sometimes even with two jobs, I still come up short.”

Increasing gas prices have been a nationwide topic over the last few months. Gas prices in Amarillo have been decreasing over the last couple weeks, with the average standing at $3.28 per gallon. But students say those gallons add up. “Sometimes it comes to a difficult decision to choose between putting gas in my car so I can get back and forth from work and school or to buy food for myself and my dog for the week,” Danielle Vasquez, a biology major, said. 

“It’s upsetting to think about the people who aren’t so lucky to have the extra money to pay for expenses, as well as those who live on a fixed income, that isn’t nearly enough to provide basic necessities,” Octavien Skeen, a computer science major, said. 

There are resources available for currently enrolled students on the Washington, West, East, Hereford and Moore County campuses. The Amarillo College food pantry, allows students to place a grocery order with options consisting of non-perishable food, baby food, personal hygiene products and diapers. The food pantry can be accessed twice a month. 

There are also other options outside of AC that can assist in providing relief. “I am currently looking into energy assistance to help with my utility bills that have also increased over the past few months,” Vasquez said.

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