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Bash Script Crazy club is a tech-based club at Amarillo College. “We started with technology and artificial intelligence. Now, our club works with anything to do with technology; Robotics, drones and really anything to do with Google,” Chris George, a computer instructor and club sponsor, said. Students involved said there are many advantages to joining the club. 

“We like to get everybody together to do projects and hang out. We used to have meetings to talk about the technology and get to know everyone. Especially new students, it is a great community for incoming students to Amarillo College,” Ariana Rangel, a computer information systems major, said. 

“What I always wanted to do was get everyone together to build, have fun and compete,” Henry Ward Stratton, a computer science major, said. “We’ve had students from other degrees, English for example. People that are interested in technology and want to know more about it. That is what we are all about.” 

Leaders and sponsors said the Bash Script Crazy club supports many organizations. “We promote diversity. We have worked with the Girls Who Code. This is a group that helps high school girls who want to work with technology,” George said. “We also promote the Women in Cybersecurity.”

The club members also said there are multiple social events that incorporate other Amarillo College students. “In the fall semester of 2020, our president at the time, Mr. Stratton, was planning for us to build a computer as a club. We had the idea to have a game night and auction off the computer in a raffle. Although COVID got in the way and we never actually got to do it,” Rangel said. 

“Before the campus was shut down, we used to meet in class and play video games, have hacking competitions, work with security, etc. We also went and competed in national competitions and received trophies. We hope to go and get some more trophies when all of this is over,” George said. 

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