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A group of students are introducing a new club to Amarillo College. SK Infinity is a skate club to help students relieve stress and meet new people. 

“The goal is to create memories and to learn how to get back up when you fall off your board or in life,” Joshua Kaentong, a business administration major and club president of SK Infinity. said.

“The reason we created this club is to create something that’s beyond a group of friends but also something positive in the community. We want to overcome obstacles and have people there for us when we fall down, we want to say ‘you can do it’ and ‘keep going,’ and that’s not just with a skateboard,” he said.

The club has about 12 active group members; however, members are recruiting students around campus by simply walking up to them and promoting the club. Group members are also boosting the club using their social media.

“It would be cool to have it at more than just Washington Campus. I feel like if we got the word out and have other campuses it would be good publicity and we could get more sponsors,” Hannah Patterson, a general studies major and member, said.

“I definitely think it could help students broaden their horizons, try new things even if they’re a little scary at first. Make some news and find a new hobby,” Patterson said.

Due to COVID-19 the club meets virtually on Discord. 

“COVID has affected us like an extra-long winter, you can’t skate in the snow or on a zoom call. So it’s been a rough start, but creating friends through skateboarding is what made the club and is what’s going to grow the club as well,” Kaentong said.

Kaentong said the club aims to be an inclusive community that will make students feel welcomed, become active and stay on top of their studies. The club ultimately wants more students to become involved regardless of whether they can skate or not. 

“To me, the message the club is trying to push is that no matter who you are or what gender, anybody can do anything and anybody can skate,” Khalila Stevenson, a biology major and member, said. 
To become a part of the club one must attend one meeting and one fellowship. To join SK Infinity, email Kaentong at or 806-367-0479.

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