Faculty express their pet peeves about students


By DANI BARRAZA, Staff Reporter ¦

Amarillo College faculty members say they frequently face frustrations related to teaching.

“Students working on things for other classes while I’m lecturing,” is the greatest source of aggravation for Brent Cavanaugh, an instructor and photography department chair. “That’s probably one of my bigger pet peeves,” he said.

“Students falling asleep in class,” is what bothers Jamie Carrillo, an art and graphic design instructor. “If you’re going to be sleeping in class, then just leave.”

Another source of irritation for Carrillo is when students fail to read instructions.

“They are not reviewing assignment materials or instructions and then asking minutes later what we’re supposed to do and what we’re supposed to name it after I even read it and gave you the handout. I don’t like repeating stuff that they can read themselves or that I’ve read to them,” he said.

Maddisun Fowler, an instructor and student media coordinator, said, “My biggest pet peeve is when students do not read the syllabus. In all of my classes, I have a ‘major assignments’ section where it lists all the major assignments of the semester.

I outline how papers should be written, give examples of how to properly cite sources and even give examples of work from former students. But a lot of the time, I get papers turned in that look nothing like what I’ve asked for.” According to Fowler, the instructions exist to help students perform well on assignments.

“I think that all professors just want their students to follow instructions. I constantly tell my students that for the next eight weeks, the syllabus for this class is their best friend. I want my students to succeed and I try to give them every tool to make that possible.”

While some instructors were happy to share their pet peeves, other faculty members refused to discuss the issue, saying, “I get asked questions like this by students too many times.” Apparently, getting asked about pet peeves is their pet peeve.

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