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By SAVANNAH LINDVAY, Staff Reporter ¦

At the Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus, on the second floor of the student resource center lies the Amarillo College Counseling Center. Enrolled Amarillo College students can obtain mental health counseling free of charge.

The focus of the Center is the mental and emotional health of the AC students. “It’s OK to have bad days, but tomorrow is another day. I’m not saying it’s a better day, but at least it could be better than today,” Kristen Barrick, a licensed professional counselor intern, said.

The assistance provided is flexible to fit the specific needs of students as individuals. Students choose what they want to discuss with the counselor, based on the areas of their life that they believe need help.

Jaida Nunez, an undeclared major, has not been to the Center, but thinks it is a beneficial resource for the student body.

“People fight things in their head that you would never even know about. It’s good for them to have a place they can go to, to talk about stuff like that,” Nunez said.

Jenny Vanderford, a recent graduate, said that the Center could have helped her better manage the stress she endured while she was attending school.

“There were a lot of times when the stress of school would build up and I would just kind of have a break down and it would have probably helped to have someone to talk to,” Vanderford said.

The Center advertises its services on campus, but still struggles with getting the attention of the student body. Barrick said that she thinks it’s something that students don’t pay much attention until they find themselves in need of the services offered.

The Center is open on weekdays and closed on weekends, holidays and school breaks. Students must make an appointment to see a counselor.

Counseling appointments can be made by calling the center at 806-371-5900.

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