“NCT Dream” releases second album

NCT dream

By SIERRA WILSON, Staff Reporter ¦

I’m heavily invested in KPOP and I wait for a lot of different Korean artists’ albums and song announcements. NCT Dream is one of my favorite K-pop groups and my favorite album at the moment is their second mini album “We Go Up.”

NCT Dream is a 2-year-old K-pop group that has had consecutive releases since their debut song “Chewing Gum” in 2016. Their title songs include “My First and My Last,” “We Young,” “Go” and now “We Go Up,” released Aug. 30.

This past month I’ve religiously been listening to the title track “We Go Up” every day since it came out. The song is really my style, and I think it would appeal to those who like pop music and appreciate amazing vocals.

The video is nothing to sneeze at either. The well shot music video captures the youthful and fun atmosphere you think of when you hear NCT Dream. The visuals are stunning, and the choreography makes me breathless just watching it on screen. Fast-paced and unexpected, the moves go surprisingly well with the ever-changing music. The boys of NCT Dream; Mark, Haechan (pronounced hey-chan), Jaemin (pronounced jay-min), Jisung (pronounced g-sung), Jeno, Renjun (pronounced ren-june) and Chenle (pronounced chen-luh); have really out done themselves this time.

The EP is well made and changes up NCT Dream’s usual concepts with a different flavor than the fans are used to. The title is described as old school hip-hop rapping styles with urban pop vocals. They do well delivering upbeat rap verses and contrast those with the electrifying vocals.

The song is in Korean with bits of English mixed in for a trendy flare. The EP is really good as well. There are different styles of music accompanying the title track.  There is a hip-hop urban song “Drippin’” which is way outside of the box for Dream, and it shocked the fans, including me, when the EP first came out. There are other songs alongside these like “Beautiful Time” and “Dear Dream” that have sweet emotional meanings as well. “1, 2, 3” is also included on the list of great songs on the mini album.

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