Tips for test-taking:

students studying
Jaden Harris, a sociology major, Lauren Biggs, a biology major and Manolya Alkhamis, a biology major study for finals at AC’s Washington Street Palace location. Photo by Claire Ekas.

By Jeffery Williams:

Finals are fast approaching and Amarillo College students have found various ways to master their material and ace those tests.

“I need to study so I can actually pass my class,” Jaxon Mizer, a theater major, said. “I usually just study by quizzing myself or by studying with a friend,” he said, adding that last minute studying can be risky.

Kelbi Havins, a theater major, has a different approach to studying. “I’m the type of person who likes interactive studying. I make flashcards, or I use a lot of different colors and highlighters to make the papers more fun,” she said. “I think it’s important to study because it helps with test anxiety and it helps you to just relax when it comes time to take the test.”

Caitlan McMahon, a general studies major, takes all her classes online, “so they’re really reading heavy,” she said. “I’ve found that taking notes over just the vocabulary has helped me tremendously.”

McMahon said she also discovered what doesn’t work well for her. “Thinking you’re able to remember everything and writing everything down does not work.”

McMahon said learning to study effectively is the key to succeeding in both online and in-person classes.

“Not only does it prepare you for your quizzes, exams, essays, etc., but it allows you to approach them with a lot less stress,” she said.

Professors recommend allowing plenty of study time by removing distractions such as cell phones during study sessions.

Trying a variety of study techniques can help identify the methods that work best for each person and each class.

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