Speaker has sights set on future:

Trina Frost
Trina Frost

By Stevi Breshears:

For many students, graduation symbolizes an end. For business management major and commencement speaker Trina Frost, graduation is only the beginning of a whole new journey.

“It’s really an honor because I never thought this could happen to me,” Frost said.

Frost came to Amarillo College seeking better opportunities. Since she began, she hasn’t stopped working hard.

“Trina has taken many of my classes (mostly online), and I have watched her continued growth throughout her educational journey,” said business professor Jodi Lindseth, who nominated Frost.

“She has an inner strength and a drive to accomplish her goals.  She is a leader and inspiration to those around her. She demonstrates the management skills industry standards sets forth; punctuality, dependability, reliability, teamwork, emotional intelligence, problem-solving, critical thinking and visionary,” said Lindseth.

Lindseth said that when given the opportunity to nominate someone to speak at graduation, she didn’t have to think twice about nominating Frost.

“When the email came across asking for nominations, I sat and asked myself who would be a good candidate and Trina’s name came to mind instantly.  Like many Amarillo College students, Trina has overcome many obstacles in her life.  She continues to have challenges that all of our students face; a full-time job, raising children, going to school, being involved in the community…  Trina handles it all with grace and confidence,” said Lindseth.

Frost said it is these qualities that allowed her to be successful at AC.

“It’s a lot of work but it takes dedication and commitment. It’s something that person has to want to do,” she said.

Frost said that her main motivation for attending college came from her church, St. John’s Baptist Church. Her pastor, Anthony Harris, is a big advocate of postsecondary education. It was Frost’s participation in a college success initiative that really pushed her to pursue a degree.

“I was asked to be on a team of 22 members for the college success initiative. That group was formed to take students from middle school and high school on a week long bus tour. Out of those 22, everyone had a college degree but me. So, how could I be an example to the students and say ‘you need to go to college and get a higher education’ when I didn’t have one? In order for me to push them, I had to push myself,” she said.

Frost hopes to use the tools she’s gathered during her time at AC to own her own business and give back to her community.

“Trina represents our Amarillo College students that have many responsibilities and obstacles but uses them to challenge herself to forge through to graduate,” Lindseth said.

“She represents the College by successfully graduating and using what she has learned here to make our community a better place.”


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