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Brandan Waldrop, Ranger columnist.

By Brandon Waldrop:

The time is here for holiday cheer. Thanksgiving Day officially kicked off the holiday season with X-mas trailing right behind it,  which means consumerism will be at an all-time high. Do we really need all this nonsense in order to have a valid X-mas day?

Soon, mothers will be driving in their oversized SUVs to purchase last-minute gifts. I can almost guarantee I will be cut off by one of these SUVs pulling out of a Wal-Mart parking lot, spreading frustration along with holiday joy.

Santa Claus, who is now more than 1,700 years old is checking his imaginary list. Thankfully, he has a great GPS system now, but if your children are like half of the kids I deal with as a restaurant server, then they should probably be on the naughty list. Hell, back when I was a kid, if you said that a fat old guy was going to creep into my house in the middle of the night and leave me lumps of coal in my over-sized sock, I might have misbehaved too. As for me, I haven’t had a tree or celebrated X-mas in years. You should see the looks I get when people find this out.

I’m all for the family gatherings though. That is the one thing I do take away from the season. Sadly, I believe a lot of us have gotten away from the truer meaning and are simply trying to outdo each other with bogus gifts. I recall being sad many times growing up, because kids would show up at school with their new presents. Now, I understand you can’t buy happiness. So, I’m going to teach my son to enjoy his quality time with his family during the holidays and instead of buying useless junk, I’m going to put my money toward his future or invest in a personal experience, such as a family vacation. Joy to the world.

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