Servers are people, too:

Josh Ballard, Ranger reporter.

By Josh Ballard:

Like many college students I start out my weekend by getting ready for work. I get paid to be nice to people and hand out food, you guessed it, I’m a server. Sounds easy right? Wrong. So here’s a little insight into the life of an every day server and what you should or shouldn’t do when you encounter us beasts in our natural habitat.

First of all, let me speak. I don’t know how many times I’ve gone over to greet a party and the first words out of people’s mouth is “water.” Immediately that tells me that they don’t care about me at all. At least let me get my name out.

If something is wrong, tell me ASAP. I will fix it then and there.

Tip your servers. An average server makes $2.13 an hour plus tips… without people tipping them, there is no way they can make money. This doesn’t mean you have to leave a ton of cash each time, just don’t leave them nothing. This is how people make a living, including mothers, fathers and college students. “Server” is not a synonym for “slave.”

I’m overjoyed that you’ve graced me with your presence… for about three hours. Eat, talk and then leave after you’re done. I’ve had my first party I serve be my last party to leave. This is not OK. Like I said before, this is how people make a living. When you decide to stay for a really long time, you are essentially taking a table away from that server.

Just remember this holiday season when you go out to eat, the mother who serves you is trying to buy Christmas gifts for her children; the student who serves you is saving up for next semester; the young man is struggling to pay his rent.Never forget that a server is just as much a person as you are.

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