Rocking the holidays:

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By Drake Hutton:

The holiday season is here and that means one thing, celebrations. Ugly Christmas sweater parties, dirty Christmas gift exchanges, Hanukkah gatherings and more.

Holiday parties give people the opportunity to share each other’s company and have a good time. New to throwing get-togethers? Want to throw a party that people will remember?  Here are some tips.

“Good food, plenty of entertainment, make a theme,” Donovan Ortiz, a mass media major, said. Ortiz said he believes these are the foremost things that everyone must possess in order to throw “that rad gathering everyone will be talking about.”

Entertainment options include board games, movies and gift exchanges and theme possibilities could be Sweetsgiving or “A Nightmare before Christmas” theme.

Another key is getting the word out about the gathering. “Communication, communication, communication,” said A.J. Stamps, a broadcast journalism major. “The more people who know about it and are involved in the planning process the better it will be,” said Stamps.

Communication can include texts, messages, flyers and creating an event page. Whatever it takes to let people know that they are invited to participate. Be sure to give them early notice so they will be able to plan around other gatherings that might occur that day.

Finally, you need some tunes. “Music is a must,” said Josh Pardon, a psychology major. Whether it’s the likes of Zeppelin, Post Malone or a traditional holiday classic, the music should be able to get your guests moving and grooving. A good soundtrack will increase your party’s overall success.

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