Dance Floor Theory offers training tips, teaches leadership


By SAL GUTIERREZ, Ranger Reporter:

Over the first weekend of March, a group of AC students traveled to Channing, TX to attend the first leadership retreat of 2017. Facilitator of the Swift Kick program, Melissa Ruiz, conducted the leadership retreat.

Officers and members from different AC student organizations, such as Student Government, Film Club, the Finishers and Student Media were taught tactics and strategies to get more students involved in the different organizations.

The “Dance Floor Theory program” was created to train student leaders to fight apathy and create an atmosphere of inclusion and fellowship.

Director of Student Life Amber Brookshire said that another retreat will be held in the fall semester. “The date has not been set yet, but it will be some time in October or maybe early November.”

Josephine Rodriguez, criminal justice major “I liked it, I got to learn a lot of things and I had the opportunity to network with other people. It affects students in a positive way because students learn how to help other students.”
Lesley Ledoux, special education major “This retreat was emotionaly empowering. It gave everyone the opportunity to find their own inner voice. I learned that many people have a similiar struggle that I do.”
Jaciel Campos, nursing major “I’ve been to the leadership retreat before and every experience is incredible. Every time you come here you learn about the people, about yourself and it’s just amazing.”


• This is the fourth year AC has sponsored a leadership retreat.

• Last year’s retreats were conducted by leadership trainer Ryan Penneau.

• The retreats are hosted at Talon Point Retreat Center, a division of Panhandle Children’s Foundation.

Melissa Ruiz: Melissa is part of a facilitation team at Swift Kick. She has already worked with more than 550 colleges in almost every state. The “Dance Floor Theory” Leadership Training helps students fight apathy on their campus.




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