‘Rebelde’ sparks interest from south of the border

Bringing back the most poplar Hispanic teen series — not just in Mexico — but even in the United States is Netflix with Rebelde. Though it has been on Netflix since 2015, it’s pretty amazing to see and compare how much teen series have changed. Rebelde is about a group of kids who deal with being part of a private school with the majority of the faculty being hypocrites as well as having to deal with famous, high-class parents.

The great thing about the show is the music. All the music in the show is by the RBD band, which was created from the series. The music is very pop, old-school fun and makes you want to just jump and flip your hair. Humor also is something big in this show, and teens really can relate to some of the characters. Every episode makes you keep watching because the show doesn’t revolve only around lovey-dovey couples and the bad guy trying to take the girl. That is your basic Hispanic show, which can get boring.

It shows every character’s glimpse of life and how different the characters are but also how those differences make them stronger, and they help each other out.As I said before, this series does not compare to other current teen shows. For example, The Secret Life of An American Teenager has to be the worst teen show I have ever seen. All that show really talked about was sex.

Honestly, I feel that is why teen pregnancy is so high. Compared to Rebelde, The Secret Life only showed them dealing with issues related to how teens would react with that topic with friends or parents. It never showed the true side of what goes on in teenage life.

Rebelde shows some types of teen issues, from some girl having low self-esteem to one falling in love for the first time, finding out the truth behind a parent and having to see what a foster teen goes through. No Hispanic series has ever been as big as this one, and it’s truly sad that shows nowadays aren’t catching many teens’ attention anymore. To be interesting now, every show has to deal with sex, money, power or drugs.

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