Netflix continues to take over

Netflix is one of the largest online streaming services available to people, and many Amarillo College students use its services. The average Netflix user is using Netflix for roughly an hour and 33 minutes a day. That translates to a person watching Netflix for 568 hours a year. With daily views of Netflix pushing ever closer to two hours, that can cut into the amount of time a student has for homework and focusing on classes.

The hour and 33 minutes is the average; some students watch Netflix way more. Colton Adams, an undecided major, watches three-plus hours of Netflix a day. “I normally watch Netflix in between classes,” Adams said. “At night I leave a couple of hours open for homework.” Adams said that next semester, he will have to tone down the amount he watches due to having a job. Adams’ longest binge record was around 15 hours over New Year’s Eve. He and a friend binge-watched an entire season of Jessica Jones and The Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.

Carly Hurley, an EMT major, watches Netflix far less. “I put Netflix on at night and fall asleep watching it,” Hurley said. She said she normally puts documentaries on because her boyfriend, a history major at West Texas A&M University, enjoys watching them. During Hurley’s weekend, what she normally views changes. She watches more movies during the weekend when she has time off. Zack Stubbs, a biology major, said he watches roughly eight hours a week. “I have had to cut back on the amount of Netflix I watch,” he said. Stubbs said his longest marathon was during the summer when he watched eight hours of Netflix in one day.

Morgan Harper, a pre-law major, watches Netflix with her family at night. “My family chooses a new show to watch every time we finish one,” she said. “It allows me to unwind with my family while we eat dinner.” Harper said she normally avoids binge-watching TV or Netflix because it has affected her grades and her social life on more than one occasion. Her best advice to anyone who watches Netflix is to watch it in moderation.

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