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Written by | Randi Riggs |

Steven Smith never imagined, when he was giving a speech in Dr. Paul Matney’s Business and Professional Communications class about how to properly shoot a free throw, that 15 years later he would become the vice president of business affairs at Amarillo College. Smith started full time as VP of business affairs on April 15. His responsibilities consist of managing the financial operations of the college.

“My role at the college is to create plans and strategies that will allow us to use our resources responsibly,” Smith said. “I am thrilled to bring Steve back into the AC family,” said AC President Dr. Russell Lowery-Hart. “His own journey mirrors those of many of our students; he understands their struggles and will help us adapt our policies and practices to better serve them.”

Smith said it took years to prepare for this position. In college, he set the goal that this was the position he wanted to achieve in his career. He chose a major that would help lead him to that goal, and he took classes that would help prepare him for this career. Banking and accounting also helped him have the work experience after graduation. Smith went the extra mile at work by asking for extra projects and responsibility so he could gain knowledge and experience before entering the work force.

Smith met his wife while they both attended AC.“I was working for Selena’s cousin as an assistant manager at a loan company while at AC,” he said. “Her cousin planned us a blind date. “We were both working students who had big dreams in common, and we were married while attending AC.”

Three children and numerous life experiences later, Smith is back at the college. He said he would like to give upcoming graduates a little advice: “Your graduation commencement will be a very special day for you and your family. I hope that each of you will take the time to attend the commencement and also take some time for reflection on what it took for you to get to this point.

“The graduation ceremony will be a very special memory in your life, but it hope that what you will really remember is the hard work and determination that it took you to get to graduation. “Graduation is one day, but the past years have made it possible. When things get tough later in life, in your job or with your family, I hope that you will remember what you went through. “Remember how never giving up, and continuing to always work hard got you to your goal. Your graduation is proof of that.”

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