Trap Soul makes waves

Bryson Tiller’s latest album, Trap Soul, has completely changed the music game. He has a certain style people would die for, and his way of being able to keep hip-hop lyrics while incorporating a twist of R&B just kills industry sales. Tiller has a dedicated fan base because of his hit song, “Don’t,” which quickly climbed the charts, and he is an artist most people should start getting into due to the fact that he came from Kentucky, which is not a state that is known for many successful artists.

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Tiller can be compared to another popular artist who goes by the name August Alsina. They both have unique sounds, but Tiller just has a particular way of drawing people into his music.Versatile beats, lyrics and the drummy, yet smooth, sound in this 14-track, self-made album, really tie everything together. “502 Come Up,” another great song from the album, describes Tiller’s personal experience of growing up and living in his hometown. “Louie Slugger with the Hits,” an epic bar used to describe his way of hitting people with his music, is another outspoken track. “Rambo” certainly is one that makes you want to get up and wild out with lyrics such as “you messing with the wrong one,” used to hype people up.The head-nodding songs in Trap Soul make it a must-have, but a definite song to sit back and relax to would have to be “Overtime.” The smooth, mellow beat is inspired by artists in Houston who “chop” and “screw” music, making them easy to drive slowly to. All the tracks on this album have so much passion and give you an idea of how bad he wants to be successful and understood. Whether you are feeling down or just want to turn up and enjoy every beat and lyric, Trap Soul works for either mood. This album has a unique way of relating to any type of phase you are going through, whether you’re at a romantic stage in life or just in a no-care zone. Tiller isn’t at a point where he can be crowned the greatest ever, but he surely is making a name for himself.

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