The great debate: Mac or PC

Pepsi vs. Coke, Edison vs. Tesla, Jedi vs. Sith. These are great rivals, but you know what’s the most important one? Mac vs. PC.Personally, I like both equally. One is great for gaming, the other for being creative. It has been an ongoing war for many years since the first Macintosh in 1984 was unveiled to challenge the then computer juggernaut company, IBM. PC people will argue that they are superior because they are more powerful and can play pretty much any game imaginable. Mac people argue that they cannot get viruses and are more dependable.The pros of the PC include that a majority of them can be upgraded and modified. They also tend to be far more inexpensive and can top even the most powerful Mac if you put the right hardware in them.

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The cons include that they tend to be less user-friendly and can get viruses without protection. There also is an overwhelming number of different models. The pros of Mac products include that they are far more user-friendly and more dependable, making them perfect for the person who likes to create. They cannot get the viruses that PCs do, and they also have roughly four models (MacBook, MacBook Air, Macintosh and Mac Pro). Each one varies greatly from the others, so you won’t get overwhelmed by the choices. And they can be incredibly powerful if you buy the better models. The cons include the fact that Macs are more expensive and you sometimes can feel like you’re paying for the logo on the back of it. They also cannot be upgraded easily and can’t run a large number of games, although that issue is being resolved each day with more and more games being compatible with Mac OS X. If I’m playing a game, then I definitely will want to play on my Alienware. But if I want to, say, make a video project, Mac has me covered. At the end of the day, it all comes down to one’s personal preference.

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