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Students who need help with math can see a tutor at the Math Outreach Center. Photo by Shiloh Birkenfeld.

If a student is having difficulty with math or science, the Math Outreach Center is the place for him or her.

The center is on the first floor of the engineering building on the Washington Street Campus. It is a place where students can get free tutoring for any type of math or physics they are struggling with.

“It’s good to know that if I have trouble with a class, I can easily get help with it,” first-time student Anna Grady said.

Grady also is a fan of the center’s hours. “Students can walk in and get tutoring any time of the day we are open,” said Tara Meraz, a math instructor and outreach center supervisor. “They can receive help for all levels of math and all physics classes.”

The center’s hours are 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Monday through Thursday, 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. Friday and 9 a.m. to 2 p.m. Saturday. Students feel that with the center being open so frequently, everybody’s schedule can be worked with.

“Th e hours are good because not everyone can come at a certain time,” biology major Cassey Moore said. “Having a wider range of available times benefits more students.”

The center consists entirely of student tutors who volunteer their time. Grady said she believes having student tutors is a good idea.

“Not only will they be knowledgeable about the subject, but they may have taken the class you’re struggling with and have extra tips on what to expect.”

Moore said she agrees that having student tutors is a good thing because they feel more on the same level with the people they are helping. She said the tutors who have helped her at the center knew what they were talking about.

“Sometimes a teacher will recommend a student to us to be a tutor,” Meraz said.

“Sometimes a student will just love math and will come in to apply to be a tutor.”

“Either way, the person has to have at least taken college algebra and must have a recommendation from a teacher saying that they would be a good tutor.”

It means that the center takes care to provide students with the best people capable of helping them with the subject they are struggling with.

“The center is a great idea,” Moore said. “Without actually having a set place to go, people might be afraid to ask others to tutor them.

“If you don’t understand something, I definitely recommend that you go.”

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