Money Talk Monday: Summer and saving

Do you have any hints for summer job hunting and saving money for the fall semester?


Sure! Great question.

  • Start now! Don’t wait until school is out – the market will be flooded with students looking for a summer job.
  • Start dressing every day as if you have a job interview. Make sure your clothes are clean and pressed. Pull up those pants – the only crack an interviewer wants to see is in the sidewalk, and girls, cover up the girls.
  • Then, since you’re dressed – every place you go, take a few minutes, find the manager and ask if they are hiring for the summer. Don’t ask a checker, ask for the manager. If they say they don’t know yet, ask if you can check back in a week – then DO IT! If they say yes, have the documents you need to fill out an application. Better yet, carry a short resume with you so you have your dates, your references, and past job information handy.
  • Tell everyone you are looking for work. Friends can help friends get jobs.
  • Be flexible, but be sure you mention if you are taking summer classes and when you would need time for classes. Registration started a week ago – get registered so you know when you need off.

For saving money for the fall:

This takes discipline and perseverance! But vow to only spend 1/2 your paycheck. Save the other 1/2. Yes, it can be done – here are some hints:

  • Don’t order soda or tea out with your friends – drink water.
  • Skip dessert in a restaurant. Have your friends over and everyone bring something to make sundaes.
  • If you’re not that hungry, just order an appetizer or a bowl of soup. There’s no rule that says you have to have a full meal every time.
  • Don’t drink soda, buy candy or eat popcorn at the movies, better yet – rent a movie, invite friends over and pop your own popcorn!
  • Use the library to borrow books or movies – they’re free! By the way – the library now has e-books you can rent – so check into that.
  • Find free or inexpensive things to do – hit the park, zoo, Palo Duro Canyon, feed the ducks at Medipark. Take a short road trip to Lubbock or explore Amarillo’s Don Harrington Discovery Center, or check out the Amarillo College’s Arts Museum.
  • Car pool to save on gas or walk if you can!

Hope this helps!

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