Breaking News: Fire near Washington Street Campus

Photo Courtesy of Brandon Knowles

April 18, 2012

Breaking News By Miranda Parman


Photo Courtesy of Brandon Knowles

A structure caught fire this evening on the opposite side of the I-27 from Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus.

According to two bystanders, the fire was near Anderson Merchandisers and had gotten large enough– based on smoke and distance of the fire trucks — the fire may have spread to Anderson Merchandisers, as well.

“I heard the boom when I got here 30 minutes ago. I was told that it was a powder coat chemical plant. The man that told me that said it had overtaken houses,” said Kirk Lewis, a Toot N Totum employee at 8:25p.m.

At 8:34 there were popping sounds that were consistent for five minutes. Bystanders theorized that it could be the sound of water hitting the fire.

“Whatever it is , it’s right up against the tracks, they said about five minutes ago that BNSF needed to move some cars, but couldn’t,” said Brandon Knowles, a young man with a police scanner.

“It’s not as far back as Sam’s, not even half way,” said Pat Harring, a woman who had been driving on the access road and pulled over to investigate.

Onlookers reported seeing two pole-looking objects that appeared to be

red-hot as the smoke was clearing, and they believed that they may be structure beams.

Students exiting the science building believe that if this were a chemical fire the flames would have been larger, hotter, and colored according to what chemical was burning, based off of a knowledge of chemicals.


  1. Haha, thanks for the catching our typo Zachary. Although seeing students “exciting” the science building would be fun. How does one excite a building? 🙂

    • Perhaps by getting it hopped up on sugar and taking it to the park to play. Or, since it is the science building after all, simply reciting the periodic table might excite it 🙂

      I concur, great reporting! It’s awesome how news can be so current and fast these days – keep up the great work!

  2. This fire was very close to my house and I could see the billowing black smoke but not the flames. I stayed away as the traffic was so congested that the AFD was asking people to clear the area. I pray no one was hurt or killed.

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