Money Talk Mondays: Working during school

My employer keeps scheduling me to work during the times I have classes. I need the job and the money so I have been skipping class to work. I’m looking for a new job but I haven’t had much luck. I’m scared to tell my employer I can’t work because he might fire me. What should I do?

Great question and wow! What a dilemma.

My first question to you is – did you tell your employer you were attending college (or planning to attend college) when you were hired?

If you did, did they agree at that point that they would work with your schedule? Did you put in writing your class schedule and give it to your employer prior to this semester starting?

If your employer agreed to work with your schedule, then the first thing I would do is write down your class schedule, and if you can work on those days, what times you could work. If you cannot work on those days, due to homework or multiple classes, then just say you can’t work on those days. It’s possible your employer simply forgot that they agreed to work with you on your schedule.

If you did not discuss school with your employer, you still need to write down your schedule and have a little talk with them, asking them to please work with your schedule.

In both cases, explain to your employer that you enjoy your job and would like to continue working there, but that attending classes also is important to you. So, if possible, could they please schedule you around your class schedule?

Just be calm, cool and collected when you talk with them. Stay positive!
Best case scenario is your employer will appreciate you being upfront and will appreciate that you are attending college to better your life.

Worst case scenario, they will say no, tough luck, work when scheduled or quit. If that happens, tell everyone you know that you are looking for work.

Do NOT quit your job until you have another job. It always is easier to get a job when you have a job. Everywhere you go, ask if they are hiring.

You have absolutely nothing to lose and everything to gain by asking!
Also, inform your teachers that their class is important to you and right now you’re just stuck, but working on a solution.
Good Luck!

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