ACPD officer uses Taser on fleeing man

February 9, 2012

By Brittney Richerson | Ranger Editor

An Amarillo College police officer stunned an Amarillo man with a Taser Wednesday afternoon after he attempted to run from police.

Officer Darryl Moore was returning to the West Campus from the Washington Street Campus when Amarillo Police Department radioed for assistance, AC Police Chief Mike Duval said.

“APD was looking for an individual who had outstanding felony warrants,” Duval said. “They located him and two APD officers attempted to arrest him, he tried to elude them and it turned into a physical confrontation and they radioed for code three assistance.”

Moore responded to the call and helped APD take William Todd Whitlow, 33, into custody.

According to a report from the Amarillo Globe-News, officers staked out near the Child Protective Services office at 3521 S.W. 15th Ave. after officers received information that Whitlow would be at the office. When officer’s pulled up to Whitlow’s car, identified and tried to arrest him, Whitlow attempted to flee, the report said.

After he was removed from his vehicle by officers and tried again to escape, Moore stunned Whitlow with a Taser. APD officers proceeded to arrest Whitlow.

“Officer Moore did what he was supposed to do and what I would expect any peace officer from any place to do in that situation,” Duval said. “I am very pleased that he could offer the Amarillo police officers assistance because they were in a very threatening situation.”

Duval said because of the number of AC properties around town, ACPD officers often are available to offer assistance or respond to calls while en route from one campus to another. He also said AC police officers have basically the same authority as APD and officers with the Sheriff’s Department.

“As AC police, the primary mission of our officers is to protect the AC community,” Duval said. “But secondarily, if we are in an area of something where public needs assistance, we are duty-bound to assist

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