Abbott wins again


Amarillo College students’ reactions are mixed about the results from the 2022 midterm election, which revealed Greg Abbott will continue his career as governor of Texas. Some students said they haven’t paid attention to the election or the people running.

“I don’t really care,” Trevor Dobbins, a general studies major, said. “I just went with my mom to vote because she made me. I feel like the governor doesn’t really do much, so it doesn’t matter,” he added.

Other students said they find the election results disheartening. “I voted early and made all of my friends vote,” Liv Cawthon, an English major, said. “I watched the election news coverage and was like ‘whatever’ because you get hope and then there’s no point in having that hope.”

Cawthon said the election outcome has had an impact on her. “I’m just sad. It sucks, but we can’t focus on it forever because my mental health can’t do that.”

With Texas historically being a red state, some students said they felt Abbot’s reelection was expected.

Photo Illustration by KAMDEN SLOUGH | The Ranger

“I would say the turnout was anticipated,” Peyton Miles, a psychology major, said. “I feel like Greg Abbott definitely had the upper hand since Texas is a Republican state, but I wish Beto would have won.”

Leading by over one million votes, Abbott was the clear preference for a majority of Texas voters, including some AC students.

“I voted for Abbot,” Mason Dugat, a mass media major, said. “I am happy he won.” Although Abbot got his vote, Dugat said that no candidate is perfect. “Do I fully like him? No, but he, at least to me, shows he cares about Texas and the people in it. Has he made mistakes? Yes, but who hasn’t? Just because he is a politician doesn’t mean he’s not still a human. I hope he learns from the past and leads Texas into good times.”

In a historic twist to midterm elections, Democrats retained control of the senate. Texas did not have a senate race in this election.

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