Scholars’ Poland trip looks possible


Student Reporter

The Amarillo College Presidential Scholars will take a long-awaited trip to Poland in March 2022. With the past two scheduled Scholars’ trips postponed due to COVID-19, Lesley Ingham, the honors program coordinator, said they have big plans for their trip overseas. 

“We are going to have a lot of sessions that are just learning about the Jewish culture, as well as the genocide and events leading up to the Holocaust,” Ingham said.

She said she’s still worried about the possibility of COVID canceling the trip again, but she said she feels hopeful. 

“Of course, because it’s been put off the last two times, but it’s looking promising right now because our tour consultant has been in Europe and everything is looking great,” Ingham said.

The March 2022 excursion will include all of the past students who were scheduled to attend canceled trips.

Brianna Ortega, one of the scholars, said she is excited. “I think that it is something very different that a lot of students don’t get to experience in college, which is to go overseas and try something new,” Ortega said.

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