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College students get their COVID tests from multiple sources. “I’ve been exposed to COVID multiple times throughout the last couple years,” Spencer Coffee, a bsiness major said. “Usually I’ve just gone to CVS and gotten my test done through the drive-thru. They have a compartment on the side of their wall where you can place your used COVID test after they hand it to you through the window. It’s pretty convenient.”

Some students are also ordering free ones from the government. “Yeah, so I went ahead and just ordered some free tests online from the government, it was really easy to do.” Nino Nayola, a psychology major, said. “I’ve never tested before but I figured they would be good to have just in case I get exposed.”

Other students say they’ve never tested before. “I really haven’t ever even gotten tested for COVID.” Abbie Coffee, a nursing major, said.

“I think absolutely everyone should be getting tested and not going out in public if they know they’ve been exposed to COVID,” Logan Jones, an English major, said. “I think if you haven’t had your vaccination it should be required that you get a COVID test at least once a month or so. It would make me feel a lot safer,”

One location to go to receive COVID testing is  Quest diagnostics. Appointments can be scheduled online. They provide same day appointments that are free of charge, and the test results will take one to two days.

There are multiple ways to obtain a COVID-19 test if you think you have been exposed to COVID. Visit for any questions regarding getting tested or vaccinated.

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