Love it or leave it: AC students share opinions on Valentine’s Day


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Valentine’s Day is a celebration for individuals who are romantically involved, while at
the same time reminding single people that they are alone. “When I’m single, it’s like ‘oh
yeah,’” Chris Hattz, a business management major, said.

Hattz said she tries to keep the focus of the holiday on love instead of on the romantic
relationships in her life. She specifically focuses on her family, she said.
“Overall I don’t see the point of it,” Nicholas Davis, a computer science major, said.

Angela Barnes, a photography major, agreed, saying, “I don’t think people should really
celebrate it.” Barnes said she finds the holiday “cliché” and not worth putting time into. Neither
Hattz, Davis nor Barnes have any plans for Valentine’s and all said they were single.

Adamaris Robles, biology major, said she has plans to spend time with her boyfriend
who she hasn’t seen in a while. Robles said she enjoys celebrating the holiday, but she also said,
“There are people who are super obnoxious about it.”

Students also pointed out the high cost of celebrating the day of romance. “Valentine’s
Day is a money pit of a holiday,” Ethan Lanham, a cinematic arts major, said. According to
Lanham, people spend way too much money on the holiday. A survey by the National Retail
Federation found that Americans spend around $175 on gifts for their significant other, while
the nation is estimated to spend about $24 billion all together. Lanham said he had Valentine’s
plans until his girlfriend broke up with him. Now, he said, it’s just another day.

Like Lanham, Lexi Ledesma, a graphic design major, is not planning to do anything
special for the holiday. “Having a significant other is nice, but the best way to care for them or
anyone is to care for yourself,” said Ledesma. She said she sees Valentine’s as having multiple
purposes and meanings, and the one she intends to act on is one of self-care.

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