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RAYGAN LOPEZ | The Ranger This semester, the Student Life office in Byrd 413 from 8 A.M. - 5 P.M. Monday - Friday.


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As a fresh semester begins, new and returning students say they are eager to see what the campus has to offer for student activities. From a Badger Banquet to a Club Clash event, the Student Life division has big plans. 

“There is a lot happening in Student Life this semester,” Jenna Welch, student life coordinator, said. “Some big events are the Badger Banquet, Club Clash and Badgerama — all annual events that clubs were unable to hold last year due to the pandemic,” Welch said. 

COVID-19 continues to impact the Student Life division. “It’s impacted us a lot, especially Student Life,” Jose Pedroza, student government  association vice president, said. “Over COVID when we were online not many students were involved and a lot of clubs went inactive,” he said.

SGA President Carmen Nava said the Student Life division has recovered from the pandemic. 

“We have over 20 clubs that are active and are getting many students involved,” Nava said. “There are three clubs that are fairly new, which is Black Student Union (BSU), Hispanic Student Association (HSA) and Students Who Are Parents (SWAP),” Nava added. 

Some COVID precautions have been lifted. “We are able to hold events on campus at this time,” Welch said. “We ask that students take the precautions they deem necessary to ensure their personal health,” she said.

For more information regarding events or activities or clubs, you can check out the Weekly Dig newsletter, the AC website and the AC social media pages.

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