Star Wars Vision: worth it, it is

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The beautiful anime style of ‘Star Wars Visions’ is obviously the attention getter and the selling point of the series. The show is an anthology of short 10-to-20-minute stories only connected by the universe they share. 

The series had a good introduction and each episode was a different studio which was interesting. Each episode introduces characters and a world that varies in depth. 

Some tell stories that would be found in an episode of a children’s show, lacking any real content to the plot but still an enjoyable time.  Other episodes introduce interesting abstract ideas that leave it up to the viewer to fill in the blanks and create their own interpretation from the tiny details. 

In any case, the visuals are beautiful and fans of the art style are absolutely getting what they came for. 

The iconic lightsaber fights are given a new life in the various styles of the studios who’s responsible. 

Although some of the stories are very interesting, none of them really left me wanting more despite many of their cliffhanger endings. I did not find myself invested in any of the worlds, nor liking many of the characters. 

The show is simplistic almost to a fault. The studios all seemed to follow the same idea of having a jedi or lightsaber user as the focus, and none of them explored much beyond that, like another Disney Plus show ‘The Mandalorian’ has. 

While there isn’t much to get invested in, ‘Visions’ is a beautiful collection of stories which altogether make up about two hours of eye candy in the ‘Star Wars’ universe. 

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  1. Watched it and loved it! I thought overall it was so much better than the trilogy Disney just released. If you love anime and love star wars then it is definitely what you are looking for. Great article by the way lol

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