A beastly movie worth roaring about


By Regan Lopez

Page Editor

I had almost forgotten the boost of serotonin the movie theatre gives as you sit back and enjoy the show. Already a year into the COVID-19 pandemic and theaters are slowly opening back up. The smell of popcorn, the walk to your seat and finally the dimming of the lights.

The newest Godzilla vs Kong was the Sci-Fi, action and thriller movie I needed to get out of my house. The cinema also did a quality job by socially distancing the concession stand and seating arrangements.

The film is filled with jaw-dropping moments and for me even tear-jerking scenes. An orphaned child who’s developed an emotional connection with the giant beast and accompanies Kong on his journey to his true home. While Kong is on his boat ride back home Godzilla picks up his scent and round one begins.

As Kong’s caretaker and multiple scientists begin their long and dangerous journey the plot thickens and unravels the scientist’s real reason behind wanting Kong home. Millie Bobby Brown who stars in the movie plays a key role in contributing to the discovery of the new and harmful technology from the headquarters of Apex Cybernetics.

As the action movie plays on the soundtrack adds to the intensity of the scenes. The movie reveals Kong’s ancient and empty home which then conveys why he’s named King Kong as he sits upon his throne. The enraged Godzilla then blasts a hole directly through the earth leading to round two.

 While the fictional technology company that has a disastrous desire to create and destroy both Kong and Godzilla use their primal instincts to preserve the ancient battle all whilst fighting another. Although humans may not understand the danger of technology Godzilla vs. Kong remind us about respecting all animal territory. 

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