‘Snyder’s cut’ gives justice to the league



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Due to the pandemic, superhero movies like many others, have been a rare occurrence. So, it’s a real treat when a new movie comes out, especially one that fans have been waiting for quite some time. Director Zack Snyder is finally going to show fans his version of the movie “Justice League,” which came out in 2017. 

There are many differences between the original film and the recent, with the latter being much darker both literally and figuratively. The main point of the story remains the same for both, bringing together a team of heroes, to combat an alien invasion. 

Unlike the theatrical version, which skipped over character introduction and just raced to each fight scene, the Snyder cut takes the time to focus on each hero individually, giving viewers a general summary of who these heroes are and how their different personalities and ideals will create the ultimate superhero team. 

The heroes are not the only ones who have greater depth. The villains in the film are given more background so the viewer can better understand their motives for world domination. The villain, Steppenwolf, is someone who tries to prove himself a worthy asset to the even bigger bad guy, Darkseid, who is only seen very briefly, but nevertheless radiates danger and power. 

Teamwork plays a big part in this movie. It is heavily stressed throughout the film that the only way to succeed is by working together. In the original version, the resurrected Superman saved the day, easily defeating the villain and saving the world from destruction.

This is not the case in the Snyder version, which still has Superman helping his new teammates by donning a black suit, but also has every hero playing a significant role that allows them to win the battle. 

This movie does have its share of flaws such as its darker tone of color, which can make it harder for viewers to see clearly. This is a contrast to the original film, which had featured color tones.

The film also has a lot of slow-motion scenes that can feel unnecessary and boring for someone who is not very patient. The film itself is four hours long, so viewers should be prepared to sit for quite some time unless they take breaks in between. 

Overall, the Snyder Cut when compared to the original is like buying the same book, but one has slightly more in-depth material. Even though both versions are more or less the same, viewers will be happy to see superheroes in action again. 

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