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pictures by Raygan Lopez and Dave Clayton


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Student artwork is on display this month at the Amarillo Museum of Art on Amarillo College’s Washington Street Campus. The AC & WT Student/Faculty Exhibition will be held from April 9, 2021, until May 2, 2021. In a news release, Claire Ekas, the AMoA director of marketing and community engagement specialist, said the show is a longstanding tradition. 

“Since 1972, Amarillo College and West Texas A&M University visual arts departments have enjoyed this partnership with AMoA. The exhibition showcases the best works from current students and faculty of both institutions. Students learn to prepare work for the exhibition and gain a sense of pride in sharing their work with the community in the professional setting of the museum.” 

Students who will have their pieces on display said there are many emotions involved when creating and presenting their artwork. 

“My piece was a project for Derek Weathersbee’s typography class at AC,” Dave Clayton, an animation major, said. “The idea was to select at least 20 upper and lowercase letters. The objective starts with thinking in terms of shapes – how they can be curved lines, straight lines, something everyone has a basic idea about and how they can create letters that have a cohesive connection.”

Professors participate by submitting their own artwork and helping students find their own style. 

“The AC/WT Student & Faculty Show is an event that is all about contrast,” Derek Weathersbee, a graphic design professor, said. “So many varying media types, artistic styles and personalities all in one place in a situation that would seem to be an unnatural compilation. In many ways it is. But it’s strange in the same way that we all are; art intersects life, design intersects behavior and on the cycle goes.”

Stephanie Jung, an art professor, said there is a bittersweet aspect to this year’s show because they could not hold a reception due to COVID-19 restrictions.

“Of course, we are missing having the opening reception, which is a time to really celebrate the work that was made throughout the year, to invite family and friends, and to connect with faculty and students from our sister institution, WT,” she said. 

Nevertheless, she said she was glad the show is taking place since last year it was entirely virtual.

 “It’s an honor for students to have works selected for this show – all the faculty are watching for potential inclusions through the whole academic year,” Jung said.

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