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Registration is now once again open at Amarillo College. Ernesto Olmos, the director of advising, said students can register for summer and fall. “If students have already met with their adviser and have planned and approved classes in student planning, they just need to log in, and complete the registration,” Olmos said. 

He added that he encourages students who aren’t registered, to meet with their adviser as soon as possible.  “Students think that they have to wait until closer to August to register for fall and that’s not the case. Now’s the time, some classes go fast and so you don’t want to wait until the last minute.”

Olmos also recommended that students “get all their classes planned out and approved for a year or more. This will expedite the registration process when it opens, and you won’t have to meet with your advisor to register as long as you stay on your plan.”

Planning ahead also prevents the frustration students experience when their advisers get busy and they cannot schedule an appointment. “It would be easier for students if they came in earlier in the semester and meet with their advisor to get planned and approved for their future semesters, that way when registration opens, students can register themselves with student planning,” Olmos said. 

“We want to encourage more students to do this so we can help ease their frustration come registration time.”

Olmos noted that AC advisers have faced challenges during the pandemic. He said the pandemic has changed the way they operate when doing their jobs, but they’ve learned to adapt to the situation.  

“With more students wanting online options, we’ve been able to accommodate by providing virtual advising. This has really worked well for distance education students. They can connect with us virtually and not have to make the trip to campus,” Olmos said.  

Pamela Valdez, an academic adviser, said she has adjusted to virtual advising.  “At first it was difficult; however, it has finally become the norm to see students virtually, and I miss the students and being able to meet in person.” 

Valdez advises students to get greenlighted as soon as possible.  “We are busy because students get to us at the last minute. If every student will plan and get greenlighted beforehand, it will be easier for everyone,” she said.

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