Read against Racism

Shawn McCrea

By Isaiah Flores

Staff Reporter

During this semester Amarillo College faculty and students are reading the same book as part of the college’s campaign to combat racism. In the fall, faculty and staff were given a copy of the book “Just Mercy,” which centers on a lawyer’s efforts to combat racism and injustice in the judicial system. Copies of the book are available at the AC library.  

This semester, the college’s Presidential Scholars Program is conducting a book study on “Just Mercy.” Lesley A. Ingham, Presidential Scholars/honors coordinator, said, “I think that it’s just a very, very important story and message for the time we’re in right now. Our country is divided, and there’s talk of racism and oppression and we just need to learn more; we need to be more educated on the subject.” 

The students meet weekly through Zoom to discuss their reading. “Already the book study is creating an impact, and I am absolutely loving this book study, and my students are getting so much out of it,” Ingham said.

Hannah M Homfeld, an AC librarian, created the libguides for “Just Mercy.”

“A libguide is an online guide that the library creates to help with courses, to help with books, really just about anything,” Homfeld said.  

By working with the libguides and reading the book, Homfeld said, “I’ve learned a lot more about the racial inequalities in our country. It’s helped me reflect on our own community and how I can change my services in my own department to better help our students.” 

Maci DeArmond, a business administration major and Presidential Scholar, said she is enjoying the book study. 

“We’ve had some great conversations in class about the story and more importantly about the discrimination and what we can do to prevent similar situations for those around us. I never realized how prominent these issues of injustice still are.”

Breanna Gordo, a business administration major, said she is also finding the book enlightening.

 “One of the many things I have learned this far into my reading is: society is not always right. Follow what you believe in and do not be ashamed to fight for it,” she said.

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