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Maintaining a full-time job while being a full-time student is overwhelming at times. While being stuck in quarantine sucks, I have found one thing that simply gets overlooked in my household that makes a huge difference.

Cleaning my house leads to a sense of self-accomplishment and overall leads me to be more successful. Along with my need to tidy up more than usual, I also adore all fall scents. Mrs. Meyers HouseholdCleaners has bundled necessity and pleasure in one happy package with their newly released holiday scents line.

Among those scents are my personal favorites: AcornSpice, Apple Cider, OrangeClove, Iowa Pine, Peppermint, and Snowdrop. Now arises a challenge.

Finding the new holiday scents can prove to be as difficult as removing a stubborn stain. Mrs. Meyer’s website, along with Walmart, Target, and many other retailers, states that the products are currently out of stock. But despite the shortage, I managed to find a few of these scents to give a try.

Mrs. Meyer’s released a hand soap, a soy wax candle, a room spray, a dish soap, and a cleaning spray in each of their new scents. Upon using the products, I was wildly surprised by how long the scent lingered well after I had used the product.

Overall, my favorite products so far would have to be the room spray and the cleaner. The cleaner works astoundingly well on any stovetop surface leaving no residue and a shiny surface. The scent even masked my husband’s work clothes from his long days at the feed yard.

I thoroughly enjoyed being able to leave my house smelling just as ready for this season as I am. I might just so happen to stock up for year-round use if Mrs. Meyer’s happens to restock my favorite scents.

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