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By Bridget Ulloa

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Sept. 1 marked the beginning of Amarillo College’s Badger Bold Comprehensive Campaign to bring in money for capital, scholarships, faculty development and programming needs. 

The money raised during the campaign will address these four areas and more specifically, be used to refurbish the Concert Hall, the Experimental Theatre, help build the Innovation Outpost, transform the Honor Program into an Honors College and fund many other projects at AC. 

Joe Bill Sherrod, the vice president of institutional advancement, said he hopes people in the community will support the college. 

“People give money to people, not projects,” Sherrod said. “So what we’ve got to do to raise this money is to start telling the AC story in the community in a way that it hasn’t been told before.”

The campaign is part of a 6-year plan with a goal to raise $30 million. 

Students said they are excited to see the funding from the campaign become noticeable in both the refurbished buildings and assistance to programs.

Pedro Hernandez, a biology major, said that he is glad to see AC funding the music and theatre programs through the comprehensive campaign. 

“Art equals creativity,” Hernandez said, “For the most part the sciences get the most funding because they are what they consider ‘essential,’ so it’s nice to see the school fund other programs that are just as important.”

Samantha Rodriguez, a theatre major, also said she is excited. “I love that they’re funding the arts! The concert hall definitely needs an upgrade,” Rodriguez said. “I usually perform in the Experimental Theatre so I’m very excited to see the improvements they’ll be making. I know all of us music and theatre majors will be eager to see what changes will be made.”

Sherrod said that this campaign is designed to show both future and current students that they are important. 

“I want students to have an experience at Amarillo College, that maybe for the first time in their life, they come to believe that they’re valued and that they have the potential to make a difference in the lives of the community,” Sherrod said. “That would be something that I hope this campaign helps us communicate to our students.”

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