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Staff Reporter

This fall semester at Amarillo College, students have a new essential item on their back-to-school lists due to the face mask policy introduced on campus in order to ensure the safety of the students and staff. 

“Before coming back to class Aug. 24, we put out signs, sent out emails to let everyone know that masks would be required on campus and in the classrooms. If someone is not wearing a mask, they are being asked by an AC employee if they have one and if they do, we are reminding them to put them on. If they do not have a mask, an AC employee will get them one to put on,” Scott Acker, the AC police chief, said. 

Face masks are available on campus in case students forget theirs. They are available all throughout campus buildings such as the Student Service Center, the Ware Student Center and the bookstore. 

There have been multiple reactions to the face mask policy. While some may have some complaints about having to wear a mask to school every day, others seem to have no problem with it. 

“It keeps people away, so I don’t mind it. A wonderful time to be an introvert,” Itzel Esparza, a legal studies major, said. 

“Certainly it is uncomfortable to be wearing a face mask in class and throughout the day, but it’s really important for students and faculty to keep following all the rules in order to continue attending classes on campus,” Camila Chairez, a nursing major, said. 

AC officials say, although many students adjusting to wearing masks all the time, it’s important for everyone to be on the same page and for students to wear their masks properly every day in order to avoid the spread of COVID. 

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