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By Clifton Sartor/ Staff Reporter

Nathaniel Montoya, mass media major Next Step: transfering to WTAMU “I like how Amarillo College gave me the opportunity as a first generation college student to get an affordable college experience. All the hands-on learning kept me involved and I feel that if I had started anywhere else, I wouldn’t have finished.”

Jesus Ramos, education major Next Step: transferring to WTAMU “Amarillo College has prepared me for university in various ways. AC has helped me develop better and different study skills through their tutoring services offered to students. Speaking to advisers in the advising centers also helped me plan out the future and have goals that I wanted to meet not only while at AC, but also after I left. There are multiple clubs and social events that AC holds that have given me the opportunity to get involved with the school community.”

Daniela Macias, business administration major Next Step: transferring to WTAMU . “My accomplishment at AC is the knowledge I have gained and my ability to interact with others better. I have a sense of relief and excitement. I hope to find an internship while I am working on my bachelor’s degree in accounting at WTAMU.”

Bailee Hart, pre-nursing major Next Step: transferring to WTAMU I believe the biggest way that AC has prepared me for the university experience is that is has made me a confident student. Starting college at a smaller scale has been extremely helpful for me. I have learned to make connections and be my own advocate and I am confident the university experience will be much easier and pleasant because of it.”

Angelique Martin, business major Next Step: pursuing a degree in cybersecurity networking and digital forensics I feel like I have accomplished a lot. In 2015, I couldn’t even make it to a class. Now I am closer to my dream of obtaining a doctoral degree in organization and education leadership. It is exciting and surreal. I feel like I’m more grown up now, I feel more like an adult and a responsible person. You just push and push until you get there because it pays off.”

Austin Ashby, mass media major . Next Step: seeking employment in his career field . I think I’ve gained the skills and found the perfect balance in my love of technology and my creative side. The things I have had the chance to work on, I don’t think I could have achieved elsewhere. I can now say, I’ve helped shoot and do lighting for two seasons of a TV show working with PBS. It’s time to leverage all that hard work and skills.”

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