New movie tackles issue of abortion; ‘Unplanned’ tells story of former director of Planned Parenthood

Unplanned movie poster

By MARIA VALLES, Staff Reporter |

“Nobody ever said abortion was pretty,” Abby Johnson says to her husband. “Unplanned” might not be the best movie, but it’s a must-see film. This movie is based on telling the true story of Abby Johnson and her experience with abortion.

I loved how this movie portrays the issue of abortion. There were no filters, just real raw content that educates and gives the viewers information about abortion; however, this movie is a bit difficult to watch.

Johnson, the main character, begins by telling her own personal story. She gets drawn into working at Planned Parenthood. 

She soon gets promoted as the director. At first, she sees it as girls having the right to choose what they want to do with their bodies, but then she is asked to assist with an abortion and as she sees the process, she begins to weep. 

She goes to a Christian organization, gets some advice and becomes an anti-abortion advocate.

The actors in this film do a great job portraying their characters. Ashely Bratcher, a pro-life actress who plays Johnson, brings many emotions to this film. Robia Scott, who plays Cheryl the cold-hearted executive, also does a good job acting and not showing any kind of emotion during the more sensitive scenes. 

This movie was not advertised because many networks thought it was too sensitive to the human eyes, which many people agree with. 

The point of this film is not to judge those who have had abortions or people who are pro-choice, but to inform the people with this difficult choice.

“Unplanned” gives a religious perspective, but is not considered a religious movie. It is rated R, because of some scenes that show violent content, such as a girl feeling pain and bleeding excessively after taking an abortion pill. 

All in all, abortion is a topic many people don’t like talking about, but this film does a wonderful job informing and helping girls in crisis. 

This film sends a powerful message that everybody needs to watch. 

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