Embrace divisions without division; new club allows students to share heritage


By ISABELLE LINK, Staff Reporter |

Embr[AC]e is a student-driven organization that has a division available at every Amarillo College campus. The new organization’s chapters differ at each campus.

Delane McUne, Embr[AC]e Washington campus sponsor, said, “Each campus is just as important and these divisions the club has best meet the needs at each campus, since each campus has its own message and meaning.”

According to club sponsors, the organization’s goal is to allow an open space to share heritage and diversity so we can better understand it.

Erica Brassfield, West campus Embr[AC]e sponsor, said her goal is to “provide students a way to feel united and support on a common ground to embrace their cultural identity.”

“It is an opportunity to come together and share their background through workshops, and presentation,” McUne said. According to McUne, one of the group’s goals is to support the AC diversity committee. McUne said their goal is to show how diversity across campus matters. “This is the first time where we have had an organization at AC where we are really saying we have multiple organizations under one umbrella,” she said.

Trey Jackson, criminal justice major, attended the Embr[AC]e meeting Feb. 11. “This club can show minorities more comfort in trading traditions and cultures. The more comfortable you are the more open you will be,” Jackson said. McUne said she wants Embr[AC]e to be a place to have that conversation without judgment.

Diane Ynojosa, a computer science programming major, had attended the Embr[AC]e meetings when the club first began last semester. “There is an availability to help convince peers to try college and know that Amarillo College is for them,” she said. 

Gabriella Young, a business major, attended an Embr[AC]e meeting last semester and feels the club is growing. “I do see some faces that I haven’t before,” she said.

Young said she is excited about the group’s future. “I don’t really think there is any other way to express culture, so I think this is a good outlet. That’s really what it’s for.” 

Embr[AC]e meets every other Monday in Byrd 214 from 11:45 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.  In addition to Embr[AC]e, AC has started the International Students club for students originally from countries outside of the United States. This club meets at 12:30 p.m. every other Monday in Parcells Hall 215.

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