CW show offers more than a good laugh; series casts light on social and cultural issues

Jane the Virgin

By CAROLINA BARBA, Staff Reporter |

In “Jane the Virgin,” an adaptation of a Venezuelan telenovela, 23-year-old Jane Villanueva, played by Gina Rodriguez, finds herself pregnant after being accidentally artificially inseminated during a routine checkup. Watching this show could change the way you view certain things, or it may just give you a good laugh.

One of the reasons I like “Jane the Virgin” is because it provides character roles for Hispanic actors and represents people from a Latino background. I can deeply relate to the portrayal of Hispanic culture in this series. 

Some of the issues the show covers remind me of my own family, making it more enjoyable for me to watch. 

The Latino cast gives me hope for our culture and it brings me joy to know that these actors are successful and that so many people watch and enjoy the show.

Many of the scenarios in the show are unlikely to happen in real life, but in between these unrealistic scenes, there are some things that could happen to anyone and the series specifically shows how these problems can be addressed. 

The producers of “Jane the Virgin” intentionally bring up topics to reach out to a large number of people who will watch the show and relate to it. 

The show offers a friendly reminder that you’re not alone in the issues that you face on a daily basis. Many people go through similar things like on the show, if not worse. 

“Jane the Virgin” has to be one of my favorite TV shows. The strengths of this series are endless-the great cast, the issues covered, the different points of view from the characters and more. 

I recommend “Jane the Virgin” to anyone, specifically to anyone who needs time to relax and watch something that will make them laugh but still be worth their time. “Jane the Virgin” returns for its final season Wednesday, March 27, on the CW. Seasons one through four are available on Netflix.

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