People with disabilities offer diverse viewpoints

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By JACOB MCGEE, Staff Reporter |

Diversity is defined as the capacity to appreciate and value individual differences. Most people do not consider people with disabilities part of diversity inclusion. Do you know what the biggest minority in the U.S is? People with disabilities. 

In 2010, people with disabilities made up 19 percent of the people in the U.S, which roughly translates to 56.2 million people and that is just the people who only have physical disabilities. Those numbers rise sharply when you include mental, emotional and developmental impairment. 

People with disabilities enrich our lives by providing a new perspective on issues. The mere presence of a disabled person sends a message that we all have something to offer. Their presence also encourages us to embrace every person as a unique individual regardless of their disabilities. It prompts us to focus on the abilities of every person.

Disabled people offer a different view to those who are not aware that there are differences. Disabled people have a unique way of functioning and engaging in our world. With their input, we can design the future where every person is valued. 

Too many people with disabilities are just the same as every other person with goals and dreams. They just have assistive devices. They are inspired by their peers and rise to achieve what is expected of them. People with disabilities challenge their peers to build an environment that provides a variety of ways that ideas and projects can be achieved.

Diversity means appreciating differences. Society is beginning to appreciate the wide ranges of diversity by embracing each aspect and that should include disability. 

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