Steakhouse provides delicious food, offers good date option

Logan's Roadhouse

By MARCUS HUMPHREY, Staff Reporter |

On Valentine’s Day, I took a friend to Logan’s Roadhouse. Upon pulling up with my date, I noticed that there were not a lot of cars in the parking lot. When we entered the restaurant, I was surprised not to see peanut shells all over the floor. Apparently Logan’s no longer encourages customers to throw peanut shells on the floor. 

The restaurant had a wonderful smell and looked clean and tidy. There was a nice calm breeze coming from the ceiling fans throughout the building. We noticed that most of the sections in the restaurant were already closed. There seemed to be a small meeting going on amongst the servers, so we had to wait to be seated, but the host was nice and patient.

When we finally got seated, the server sparked up a friendly conversation with us. I ordered water with lemon and my friend ordered Sprite. Well, she got her Sprite but I only received water, which didn’t impress me at all. 

When it was time to order, the server stood there with her hand on her hip. I was starting to feel like we were disturbing the staff by being there.

After placing our order, we waited for biscuits, crackers or something, but nothing ever came so we called the server to our table and asked for cheese biscuits or something. Our server came back with a bright smile on her face as if someone in the back had reminded her that it was Valentine’s Day. This new attitude made the environment feel better and we started feeling good about being there.

All of a sudden I saw our plates coming out of the kitchen with steam rising from them. Oh yes, the moment I had been waiting for. 

We were looking forward to fresh vegetables and juicy steak and ribs falling off the bone. My friend and I were more than ready to eat. I cut my steak and it was just how I wanted it and my friend said that her ribs were a delight. 

Although I had some doubts when the evening started, this ended up to be a pretty good night.

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