Students, faculty host honors recital


By MEGAN MINSEW, Staff Reporter |

The Amarillo College music department presented the Honors Students and Faculty Recital Sunday, Feb. 10, in the Concert Hall Theatre on the Washington Street Campus. Music faculty members and majors said the event allowed them to showcase the department and the skills of students and staff.

“I really love how it shows off the different aspects of the music program here at AC,” Andreanna Simpson, a music major, said. “Not only does it highlight our amazing faculty, but it gives some of the students and ensembles a chance to shine as well.” 

Students who performed included: Sergio Almanza and Jason McClanahan, playing the trumpet; Anna Bahn, singing as a soprano; Thomas Bales, playing saxophone; Celeste Hutchins, with viola; Jessica Ruiz, playing the flute and Simpson, playing the piano.

The performance featured a variety of music styles such as jazz band, vocal jazz and Suzuki Advanced Ensemble.

“I love hearing other people perform and hearing the kind of music they play and how they might interpret it,” Thomas Bales, a music major, said.

Bales and Simpson said they hope this event helped convince prospective students to pursue music as a career.

“That’s a big part of the reason we have this recital, is to promote the music program,” Simpson said. “It gives the audience the chance to hear what some of our staff is capable of, and what they could be capable of too if they dedicate themselves to music,” she said.

Camille Day Nies, music chair and Suzuki coordinator, said the recital provided an ideal way to showcase the AC students’ talents.

“It gives us a way to really celebrate the students that we have. We enjoy producing what we teach,” Nies said.

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