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Fingers and cell phone

By ISABELLE LINK, Staff Reporter |

There are more than 2,500 dating sites and apps in the U.S alone, and despite the number of apps available, some Amarillo College students say they are wary of using them. 

Students say that they would rather stay personal with their interactions and talk face-to-face. Antonio Sanmartin, a general studies major, said, “The apps are tricky, I would rather meet them in person.”

In-person dating also gives certainty of who you are really talking to, whereas with apps, students warn that you can’t be too sure. “My friends never have had much success, I just tell them not to get catfished,” Anthony Do, a computer science major, said. 

Other concerns students said they had were about the privacy issues and how much personal information that a lot of the dating sites ask for. “I don’t want to share my information. I would rather keep my private life, private. I don’t have Facebook either because of it,”  Herninia Rosa, business major, said.

Examples of dating apps
Some dating apps are so specific that it seems it could only be for a handful of people in a certain community. These are some examples of some specific dating apps – some of the more than 2,500 U.S. dating apps.
Illustration by Salvador Gutierrez.

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