Amarillo College Police: campus has increased security with CopSync

By MARC PAMPLONA, Staff Reporter |

The Amarillo College Police Department is installing an advanced messaging software on all of the college’s computers.

The software, called CopSync, will improve the safety of the campus, officers said.

CopSync provides a messaging system to the campus’ public safety officials so they can tie into a central system and share real time information. Its advanced messaging capabilities allow authorities to send information in a secure and effective way via email and instant messaging.

Sgt. Adan Aleman, an AC police officer, said that there are three versions of CopSync that are being used.

“We have CopSync that are used by officers in their patrol cars; we have CopSync that is used in dispatch, which is actually called a CAD or Computer Aided Dispatch,” Aleman said.

 “What that CAD does is that it helps the dispatchers to give out information that is coming in,” Aleman said, adding that the third version, CopSync 911, is being installed on the computers on campus.

Aleman said that faculty and staff can click the software icon in the computer if there is ever an emergency. He added that the users have 15 seconds to either submit the alert or to cancel just in case of a false-alarm.

“Whenever it gets submitted, that information goes to the dispatcher,” Aleman said. “The dispatcher can now see who is pushing the button, what building, what room number and what computer. That information gets sent out to the dispatcher and it gets sent out to all of the patrol cars, all at one time,” said Aleman.

Aleman explained that when the information gets sent out that way, it gets received by the campus’ officials at the same time.

“So the person who pushed the emergency button, he or she can type up whatever the emergency is,” Aleman said

Mindy Weathersbee, the library assistant director, said she is glad to have this new safety measure.

“As someone who deals a lot with the public, I think it’s a great thing, because we have had to call security before and so anything that kind of expedites that process is a good thing,” Weathersbee said.

Lisa Soper, a physical therapy assistant major, agreed.

“As far as you’re using AC technology, they’re going to know by your ID number who is logged in at what time, and where you’re at, I think it is a good idea,” Soper said.

The ACPD is working with mass media majors to create a video to explain how the new CopSync software works and how it can help everyone in campus in emergency situations.

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