Massive Marvel movie makes millions:

infinity war
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By Laurel Sebastian:

The wait is finally over after a 10-year span of Marvel movie releases all meant to lead up to this crucial collaboration of superheroes. The franchise has done a great job over the years in bringing beloved comic book characters to life. To see so many characters come together to defeat the common enemy leaves me at an emotional crossroads.

Directors Anthony and Joe Russo do a remarkable job setting the pace right away at the beginning of the movie, allowing for the audience to get caught up to speed on what is going on as a way to prepare us for what is to come.

The same pace continues throughout the movie with a balance of both action and cut-scenes to keep us intrigued and informed. The film stars several well-known actors who hold the story together with their authenticity and passionate portrayal of their characters.

As expected, there was plenty of humor to hold the mood throughout a good portion of the movie, undoubtedly there to make up for the several times it blindsided us with heartbreak. Though we weren’t introduced to any new people, I felt there was significant growth in a number of characters as they were faced with much more challenging issues than seen prior. This helped create a firm foundation for the plot to build off of in this newly formed alliance between opposing heroes from across the entire Universe.

To summarize, “Infinity War” is about various heroes from across the universe such as “The Avengers,” “Guardians of the Galaxy” and “Doctor Strange” who must work together to try and defeat Thanos before he gets a hold of all six infinity stones. If he manages to get all six, he can wipe out the entire universe with the snap of his finger.

There is a constant push and pull between both sides as to who is going to win. They soon realize that sometimes you must lose the battle to win the war.

I laughed and I cried and fell victim to several other emotions.  The end leaves you with a sense of great loss and a stupendous cliffhanger, making you long for more despite that part two is still a year away. The movie exceeded my expectations and was well worth the wait.

The movie made 1.519 billion in its first weekend.

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