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By Sir Garen Grayson:

Now, why in the **** is profanity seen as such a bad thing? Even though we are all adults, if someone curses out loud in class, people are genuinely shocked as if it’s something they themselves don’t use in casual conversation Every. Single. Day.

It’s strange when you think about it. Up until about the mid-2000s, violence, foul language and sex were deemed horrible. With all types of groups sprouting around the nation letting people know how bad they were.

Then a shift happened; both violence and sex became normalized leaving profanity alone to still be seen as “too much.”

Today, you see people get entire chunks of skin bitten off in popular shows like “The Walking Dead.” Sexually suggestive scenes are in children shows like “SpongeBob,” “Dexter’s Laboratory” and “Tom and Jerry.” You also see both men and women in little more than their underwear in music videos of all genres.  However, networks cross the line when someone says **** on their shows.

People can get up to $325,000 fines for cursing on the air in Broadcast radio, but then the same station turns around and plays music with suggestive lyrics 24/7, regardless of genre.

Now, listen, we get that many people have different beliefs and understanding that; we also get that we are not obligated to change our ways of acting based on someone else’s beliefs.

But, it shouldn’t be seen as disrespectful to use curse words in any context, then allow people to pass out Bibles at the beginning each semester. What if that truly offends me? Shouldn’t by some logic, they stop doing it?

Long story short. I say ****, you might say ****, many parents say ****, most of us all say ****. Let’s get over this small *** **** hill and tackle our country’s bigger problems like gun control, healthcare and are pineapples on pizza really a ****** problem?

If you are one who filled in the *s with profane words and preaches to others not to curse, I want you to know that **** you pulled is dumb as **** and you are a hypocritical **** head.

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