Music motivates minds:

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By Laurel Sebastian:

It is no secret that music is one of the most influential factors in today’s world, as it serves several different purposes, such as music therapy or even as a way to relax after a long day. More recently, students have been using music as a means to study. According to the National Association for Music Education, music is a good way to relax and helps improve memorization skills.

“I listen to music to help stimulate my mind and retain the information I am reading about; however, what I’m listening to depends on what I’m studying,” Chris Thomas, a mass media major, said. “I think it helps your brain relax and reboot after a long day of work and/or school.”

According to the Denver Post, studies have shown that learning to play an instrument or even listening to music have impacted the way students learn and process knowledge, especially when the interest is sparked at a young age. Benefits include resistance to distractions and engagement in class activities.

“In my experience, listening to music while I study has helped my grades rather than hurt them. It helps me stay focused because otherwise, I would get distracted by everything around me and never actually study,” Abigail Campbell, a social work major, said.

While some find it helpful, others might find it distracting or overwhelming to multitask by listening to music. “Music affects people differently. For some, it motivates them or soothes them. Some use music to help them study while others find it a distraction,” Jim Laughlin, an Amarillo College music professor, said.Laughlin said music is also a great way to expand creativity and maximize educational success.

“Music and the arts are vital to everyone’s creativity and personal interaction. Schooling should reflect what is important to the students and the community. Without music, we are not human,” Laughlin said.

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